All of us at Invisible College Press would like to take this opportunity to both thank and congratulate you.

Thank you for showing interest in our authors, and congratulations for being able to resist machinations of corporate consumer culture. You have retained the wherewithal to actively seek out art instead of blindly accepting the dreck that is pumped down your throats by the international media conglomerates. Did you know that the total number of books purchased in the United States has been flat over the last few years, but the number of copies sold per title that are required to get onto the New York Times Best Seller list has been increasing exponentially? That means that people are buying more and more copies of decreasingly fewer titles. The marketing gurus that develop policy understand that the cheapest and most efficient way to make sales is to convince people to buy the same book over and over again. The major publishing houses aren't interested in innovation, in challenging the public, in creating controversy. They want to sit on their duff and, through shrewd advertising and bullying retailers, make their money peddling the same drivel over and over again to a public too apathetic to know better.

But not you kind reader. You are different. You have chosen to support independent publishing, to thumb your nose at the giant publishing conglomerates and say, "You weasels aren't going to get this dollar!" At ICP, we're not trying to get rich, we're not trying to sell millions of copies of our titles. We're just trying to bring some unheard voices to the few citizens in this country who haven't yet been brainwashed into believing what they are told to believe.

That all being said, we need your assistance. We don't have the advertising budget of the big guys, we can't afford full page ads in major magazines. We exist on word-of-mouth and the recommendations of our readers. If you enjoy our books, please tell a friend.

Thank you,

Paul Mossinger,
Business Manager
The Invisible College Press, LLC.