Invisible College Press is dedicated to finding and publishing the best, literary-quality, modern fiction we can find in the conspiracy, UFO and secret society genres:

The Third Day
by Mark Graham

City of Pillars
by Dominic Peloso

by D. Edward Bradley

Cold in the Light
by Charles Gramlich

by R.M. Pala

Phase Two
by C. Scott Littleton

Utopian Reality by C.A. Simone

Evilution by Shaun Jeffrey

The Phoenix Egg by Richard Bamberg

Axis Mundi Sum by D.A. Smith

Ice Tomb by Deborah Jackson

Chasing Elvis by Glenn Marcel

Stonecypher Road by Longwell and Longwell

Chasing the Roswell Alien, by Glen Marcel

Adopted Son, by Dominic Peloso

Majician/51 by Mike W. Barr

UFO Politics at the White House:
Citizens Rally 'round Jimmy Carter's Promise

by Larry W. Bryant (currently out of print)

The Practical Surveyor
by Samuel Wyld

A Treatise of Mathmatical Instruments
by John Robertson

The Rosicrucian Maniscripts
edited by Benidict J. Williamson

Proof of the Illuminati!
by Seth Payson A.M.

New England and the Bavarian Illuminati
by Vernon Stauffer A.M.

Diverse Druids
by Robert Baird

Attac and Defence of Fortified Places
by John Muller

The Black Triangle Abduction
by Foster, Foster and Wheeler

With so many books being published, and the publishing industry's heavy-handed marketing techniques, a lot of classic works have been effectively 'lost'. We at ICP cherish the past, and we are dedicated to re-publishing some of the classic works in the genre. These books are very hard to find in the collector's market, and so we are creating new editions so that more people can experience them:

Wieland by Charles Brockden Brown

The King in Yellow
by Robert W. Chambers
(Coming Soon!)

The Saragossa Manuscript
by Count Jan Potocki
(Coming Soon!)

Sweeney Todd,
the original penny-dreadful (A String of Pearls)
(Coming Soon!)

Sometimes a book comes by that is so fantastic that we just have to publish it even though it doesn't fit in our genre at all. Other times, people bribe us to publish their work. The books in this category certainly fit one of those two criteria:

Tattoo of a Naked Lady
by Randy Everhard

by Richard Bamberg