Have you been abducted by aliens?
Do shadowy men in black suits track your every move?
Are you a government plant sent to spread disinformation?

Then The Invisible College Press wants to hear from you!

Yes, The Invisible College Press is actively looking for new authors!
Please read the following before you send us your work:

First, understand that ICP is a niche publisher. We are only interested in novels about conspiracies, UFOs, alien abduction, atlantis, secret societies, the paranormal, etc. Please don't send us stories that don't fit our mold. If you got a romance, western, sci-fi, or mystery, we're probably not interested. That being said, we're open to all sorts of things, so if you can make a good case as to how your books fits, we're willing to listen.

ICP is only interested in publishing literary-quality conspiracy novels. We are not looking to publish poorly-written pulp just because it has something to do with the Knights Templar. We are interested in novels that are so well written that even people with no interest in UFOs or conspiracies will enjoy them. Before you send your work to us, try it out on some people you know who are 'mainstream'. If they like it, then send it to us immediately.

Our editors are only interested in complete, edited works. Don't send us story ideas, or half-finished novels, we're not ghost writers or book doctors. Also, make sure that your novel is fully edited and spell-checked. Our editors are helpful, but overworked, and the less editing they have to do on your book, the more attractive it will seem.

ICP only publishes full-length novels. That means at least 70,000 words. We have no mechanism to publish short stories or poetry. Sorry. The same goes for illustrated books.

While we are happy to talk to agents, we also accept submissions from authors without agents, and first-time authors.

ICP is only interested in publishing previously unpublished works. If you have a book that is already in print we are NOT interested in republishing it. This is true even if you've self-published. You are much better off working with your current publisher to market your book instead of trying to get a new publisher.

ICP is not a book-producer or a vanity press, we actively market and distribute our novels. We do not depend on 'pocket markets' to make our sales. But, please understand that ICP is a very small company and we really hope that our writers are willing to help market their own works. If you are thinking that you can just send us a manuscript and be done, think again. We want motivated writers that are willing to sit for book signings, get their works reviewed in magazines, and generally help with the leg work of getting their title into customers' hands. That being said, ICP is NOT a 'vanity press', and we never ask our authors for any money at all. Do not trust any publisher who does.

We're a small press, so don't expect a large advance. If you really need a big advance, you probably should look elsewhere first. On the other hand, our royalties are pretty high compared to the rest of the industry, and if you think that your book will sell, you can do pretty well with us in the long term.

To be considered for publication with ICP, send us the following materials:
A cover letter describing who you are, and what your novel is about,
A short chapter by chapter summary,
A few select paragraphs from various chapters to give a sense of your style.
A Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope
A way to reach you (phone number, email, etc.)

Do not send us unsolicited complete manuscripts! They are expensive to mail and they probably won't be read. If we like your summary and writing style, we will contact you and ask for a complete manuscript.

FYI, We are not accepting freelance art submissions at this time. Neither are we looking for proofreaders, editors, or other non-writer types. Thanks for asking though.

For consideration, send us your submission via email to:
(Note: Do NOT send attachments. Place all information in the body of the email. If it doesn't all fit into the email, you're sending too much!)

If you are a luddite or think that the little people who live inside your computer are against you, I suppose you can send your materials to:
Invisible College Press
c/o Submissions Editor
P.O. Box 209
Woodbridge, VA 22194-0209


We promise that if you send us your package correctly, we will get back to you as soon as possible. A couple of tips though. Don't bother sending your package to us via overnight mail, we won't read it any faster and you'll just waste your money. Mail via regular first class. Also, paper is cheap these days so just enclose a regular business-sized envelope and allow us to throw away the parts of your submission we don't need. That'll save you a bundle on return postage. And third, even though we're small we try to stay professional, and professional correspondence is done in business-sized envelopes. Don't make us cram letters into tiny envelopes made for Christmas cards.

Thank you for your interest in publishing with ICP. We look forward to hearing from you.

As a public service, we'd like to recommend the following web site to all new writers. Publishers that scam their writers hurt both legitimate publishers as well as naive authors. Be informed!
Writers Beware!