There are a lot of workers, sycophants, and hangers-on here at the Invisible College Press. Please feel free to harrass them with your incessent questions and email jokes.

Editor-in-Chief: Phillip Reynolds
Business Manager: Paul Mossinger
COO: Paolo Trincheri
Research Editor: James Lynch
Submissions Editor: Jed Reinert
Graphic Arts: Mike Yang
Legal Advisor: Jean Kim
Illegal Advisor: 'Virgil'
Investigations: Bill Winkler, P.I.
Cover Art: Juliana Peloso
Director of Security: David Abrams
Advertising Representative: Deborah D.
Spanish Translations: Fernando Denson
Minister of Propaganda: Jaques DeMolay
Business Development: James Tuber
International Sales: Hasan ibn Sabah
Shipping Dept.: Christian Rosencruetz
Chief Physicist: David 'Jabbo' Jablonski
Web Design: Chris P. and David Manthey
Customer Service: Darren Bleuel
Web Hosting: Arnold Kim
Land Surveying: David Manthey
House Astronomer: Emmanuel Velikovsky
Head Photographer: Kirk Heydt
Chief Lobbyist: Ignatius Donnelly