In Chasing Elvis, Melissa Vaughn unraveled the secrets surrounding the death of The King.

In Chasing the Roswell Alien, Vaughn uses her reporter's saavy, grit, and determination to blow the lid off the government's coverup of what really happened in Roswell in 1947 - and that's the easy part. What she finds at the core of the coverup is not only that we are not alone in the universe, but that the other guys have an agenda. An agenda that is horrifying.

Glenn Marcel is the great-nephew of Major Jesse Marcel. Major Marcel was stationed at Roswell in 1947 and blew the lid off the government's version of what crashed in the desert. His claims started a groundswell of accusations of a massive government coverup.

$14.95 retail. 280 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback

Here's what people are saying about Chasing the Roswell Alien:

"A government cover-up and enough twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat - eagerly turning the pages to learn more. Mr. Marcel captures his characters, making them so real that you would believe that they are right in the room. The story provides interesting answers to gnawing questions and will leave you eyeing your neighbor " -

"Glenn Marcel puts the pieces of the Roswell puzzle together for us in a well written book. Highly recommended and one book that you will want proudly displayed on your bookshelf." - Blogcritics

"I found myself totally caught up in the story, only stopping to tell my family bits and pieces that always started with the phrase, 'you won’t believe this!'"" - Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

"Glenn Marcel has woven an intricate, entertaining and very readable novel... If you enjoy a good mystery, a little spooky atmosphere, an X-Files rerun, or even late night radio, Chasing the Roswell Alien will most certainly satisfy." - Benjamin Boulden, SF Reader

"Fascinating and hard to put down." - Cafe of Dreams

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