Can you imagine discovering you have a dual-existence for your entire lifetime that you knew nothing about?

Can you imagine that a single evening's conversation about a couple of missing hours could lead to a discovery of your repeated abduction by aliens? Can you imagine learning an alien word and memorizing alien symbols subconsciously? Can you imagine the terror of never knowing when you will, yet again, be abducted? If you can imagine these things you have discovered only the very beginnings of this compelling page-turner.

The Black Triangle Abduction examines the past ten years of alien abductions and reviews a complete lifetime of contact and programming. The story unfolds in real-time as it is revealed to the authors and the two therapists. By guiding them through hypnotic regression into the realm of unbelievable terror with graphic, jolting, horrifying detail.

The authors and therapist explain the fantastic story in simple, first person terms as it happened. Two ordinary people had extraordinary experiences that could never be comprehended without professional help. If you have ever wondered about the reality of UFOs, the grays, missing time, or alien abduction, you will have a very firm conviction when you finish reading The Black Triangle Abduction

Alien abduction for the author didn't begin with Roswell... It began much earlier in time.

$16.95 retail. 364 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback

Bill Foster was recently interviewed about his experiences by Hilly Rose. You can listen to the interview here: Real Player or Windows Media Player

"The Black Triangle Abduction is a compelling study of one man's journey through hypnotic regression in the aftermath of a brief UFO sighting. 8 out of 10"
-Fortean Times

"The Black Triangle Abduction" is a must read for anyone - Those who have had similar experiences of those who want a heartfelt page-turner."
-Robin Bennett, International UFO Museum and Research Center at Roswell

"I consider [The Black Triangle Abduction] to be a great insight into what the 'Flying Triangles' are all about!"
-Omar Fowler, The Phenomenon Research Association

There is a great synopsis of "The Black Triangle Abduction available online at: The UFO Casebook

Bill Foster was recently interviewed about his experiences at KPAH: Radio Parumph

Bill Foster also gave an interview to Out There TV on April 9th 2006.

Here are some 3-d renderings of Bill's experiences, by John Kramar.

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About the Author: Bill and Peggy Foster and Nadine Wheeler

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